Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Internship Opportunity!

LSC 100 students:

Please take a minute to read the following note from JR Ross, Editor of Madison's own Wispolitics blog (you may recall that JR will be speaking to our class later in the semester, While the internship is entirely outside the scope of the class (i.e no course credit or extra credit), it may be a great opportunity for:
  1. those of you who are interested in blogging, web-based journalism, or local politics and current events
  2. those of you who need to find a very flexible, part-time internship (e.g. for another class), or
  3. those of you who would like to pad your resume while watching sports and cable news (one of which is always on at the Wispolitics office)
I personally interned for Wispolitics, and enjoyed my time there. Let me know if you have any questions.

WisPolitics, the state’s premier political news service, is looking for fall interns to help maintain the Web site and assist in reporting for daily products sent to subscribers. WisPolitics focuses primarily on state politics as well as the work of the state’s congressional delegation and some local politics. Interns start out helping to maintain the Web site and graduate to more complex tasks as they prove their proficiency and opportunities develop. The internships are unpaid, and the hours are flexible. The time commitment can range from one morning or afternoon a week to a daily commitment. Those interested should contact WisPolitics Editor JR Ross via e-mail at ross@wispolitics.com or at 441-8418.

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